Таразский Государственный Педагогический Институт



Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the work of the I-st ​​international congress “CURRENT AND FUTURE TRENDS IN HIGHER EDUCATION”  dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Taraz State Pedagogical Institute which will be held October 20-21, 2017.

The heads of universities, employees of educational institutions, leading scientists from Kazakhstan and abroad and doctoral students are invited to the congress, which will address topics related to the theoretical and methodological foundations for the professional training of teaching staff in the context of the globalisation of education.

The main mission of the congress is scientific cooperation among partner universities, the exchange of research experiences and the results of work in the educational sphere.

A distinctive feature of the congress is its multidisciplinary approach to the topics under discussion.

The format of the congress is as follows:

plenary session;

panel discussions;

seminar-trainings, master classes (certificate provided to participants);

scientific conference, with a conference proceedings submitted to the Web of Science.


Within the framework of the congress will be held panel discussions on the problems of modern education.

1. “Modernisation of the Public Mentality” and teachers of XXI century.

2. The internationalization of education.

3. Trends in education in Kazakhstan.

4. “Modernisation of the Public Mentality” and the National Code.

5. “Modernisation of the Public Mentality” and problems related to the transition to the Latin alphabet.

6. Schools of Excellence.


Within the framework of the congress, a scientific conference will be held, with papers presented in three general areas:

Pedagogy and psychology

1. Modernization of preschool and primary education: the state, problems and ways of renewal.

2. Features of the introduction of dual education in the conditions of a pedagogical university.

3. Development of the creativity of the individual in the modern educational space.

4. Education of children with special educational needs.

5. Multilingual education in Kazakhstan.

Fundamental research in the field of mathematics and physics

1. Functional analysis and its applications.

Philology and Social Sciences

1. “Modernisation of the Public Mentality” and problems related to the transition to the Latin alphabet.

2. Language preparation of future teachers: methodology, experiences, and problems.

3. Conceptual heritage of the Alash figures and the idea of ​​Mongilik El.

4. “Modernisation of the Public Mentality”- the future course for the nation.

5. Peculiarities of research and methodology of the history of Kazakhstan in the context of the modern requirements of Modernisation of the Public Mentality”.